School Council

The Greenford School Council meets with Mrs Hayward for half an hour every few weeks.  The children bring their ideas for discussion or we use the time to review things that already happen at Greenford for example, a review of lunch time and the school’s anti-bullying policy.

Each class has two school councillors who are voted into this position by their class members.  The School Council have been chosen as the children felt that they would be able to listen to the ideas of others, to discuss a wide range of topics with their members and to give regular feedback to their class members.

From September 2019 the School Council will be continuing with their roles, focusing on areas highlighted within our school development plan.  These will include

  • Improving break times by looking for ways to ensure all children feel happy and included
  • Looking at individual subjects to support subject leaders including maths
  • Thinking about how to make Greenford a greener school