Christian Distinctiveness

Christian Distinctiveness

As a Church Voluntary Controlled Primary School within the Diocese of Salisbury, Greenford Primary School works hard to develop and sustain the school’s Christian distinctiveness. 

Our Headteacher and governing body have a clear vision of a school with a distinctive Christian character. Our Governing Body is made up of a majority of Foundation (Church) Governors. We work in partnership with The Rev Tim Greenslade and The Rev Linda Wilcock and the Church of St Mary’s.

Our School is founded upon core values of friendship, forgiveness, respect, perseverance, honesty and courage and time is spent exploring what is distinctively Christian about these particular values. Many other values are explicitly taught throughout the school day such as; respect, courage, trust and gratitude.

We strive for excellent relationships making our school a harmonious and cohesive society – growing together and learning for life.


Religious Education is a core subject at our school and is taught once a week in every class following the RE planning ‘Understanding Christianity’ alongside ‘Discovery RE’.

As a Church School, although Christianity forms the major theme in Religious Education lessons, we have a duty to foster an accurate and increasing understanding of other religions and world views.  Children are able to appreciate the faith of others and develop a deeper understanding of their own beliefs and practices


The School Day
Children pray regularly during the school day. All classes pray two times a day, within Collective Worship and before lunch. All children are learning our recently written School Prayer.

In Classrooms
Each classroom has a prayer space or ‘reflection area’ to enable children to explore faith and spirituality in a safe, creative and interactive way.

Around the School
We have a prayer tree within the school hall where children are invited to write a prayer of their choice. These are then used within our assembly times. Our School Prayer is on display in the Hall, in classrooms and in the Headteacher’s office. On arrival at school visitors are greeted by our school values and mission statement, as interpreted by the children, staff, parents, governors and local church community. Within our school garden we have a memory tree for children to spend time with an adult of their choice designing a memory for a loved one and then displaying it on the tree, a reflective space.

Our School Prayer

Dear God

Thank you for our school, church, families and loving homes.

Thank you for our supportive friends who are always there for us when needed.

Please help us to make Greenford School the best environment that it can be.  A place where we can work and grow together.

We ask this in the name of the Lord Jesus.


Collective Worship

​We have daily Collective Worship, from whole school to class specific worship. Some collective worships are led by staff and some by Priests or representatives from the local church. We are planning to involve parents, governors and children within our worship

Celebrating with Parents
Every Half Term we have a whole school Celebration Assembly where we gather and invite parents to celebrate the achievement of children within our school. Children are presented with certificates and their achievements are talked talk about with great pride. We sing a hymn and say our School Prayer during these assemblies.

Community Worship at St Mary’s Church
The children regularly visit St Mary’s Church next door where The Rev Tim or The Rev Linda lead our services to celebrate major Christian festivals. These include: Harvest, Christmas Nativity, Christmas Carol Service and Easter celebrations. Parents, grandparents, siblings and Governors join us on these occasions.

The children very much enjoy going into church as they see it as an extension of their school.